Chestnut Hill

Chestnut Hill is a neighborhood in the Northwest Philadelphia section of the United States city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

The village of Chestnut Hill was part of the German Township laid out by Francis Daniel Pastorius and came to include the settlements originally known as Sommerhausen and Crefeld, as well as part of Cresheim. It served as a gateway between Philadelphia and the nearby farmlands. From the mid-19th century through the mid-20th, the neighborhood served as both a “railroad suburb” and a “streetcar suburb” of Center City; although it was part of Philadelphia, it was a leafy outlying part functioning as a bedroom community. The neighborhood contains a wide variety of 19th and early 20th century residential buildings by many of the most prominent Philadelphia architects.

In 2011, Chestnut Hill had a median home sale price of $629,500—the highest of any Philadelphia neighborhood outside of Center City. This price was an increase of 57% from its 2005 median price.

Residents are zoned to schools in the School District of Philadelphia. Students in grades kindergarten through 8 are zoned to John Story Jenks School, while students in grades 9 through 12 are zoned to Martin Luther King High School. Chestnut Hill is home to several private schools. Perhaps the best-known are the K-12 Chestnut Hill Academy and Springside School (girls), since 2010 merged as the semi-coeducational Springside Chestnut Hill Academy.


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